Data Center Automation

Deploy automation solutions faster

TEG Global Services provides automation planning and implementation solutions to ensure rapid adoption and value realization for data center automation. Our Accelerate! Automation methodology is designed to ensure near-term success and value while building toward long-term strategy and vision.

What to look for in data center automation consulting services

Plan and prepare

  • Governance
  • Organizational readiness
  • Risk assessment

Analyze and design

  • Planning workshop
  • Strategic roadmap
  • Use cases
  • Technical requirements
  • Test plan



  • Solution design
  • Issue management

Validate and deploy

  • Testing
  • Deployment readiness
  • Production deployment
  • Knowledge transfer

Increase success with consulting assistance from TEG

Accelerate! for Blade Logic Server Automation

Reduce project risk and ensure a successful installation and implementation of Blade Logic Server Automation by collaborating with experienced BMC Global Services consultants.

Network Automation Live!

Let TEG Global Services help you deploy your TEG solution to better manage all your networks across all major platforms.

Database Automation Live!

Say goodbye to manual database administration tasks when you collaborate with TEG Global Services to deploy your TEG solution.

Middleware Automation Live!

Easily deploy, backup, and compare Java middleware server configurations.

Release Lifecycle Management

Collaborate with BMC Global Services to start reducing bottlenecks and getting applications into production faster.